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How Much More Could Your Online Influence Grow...If Your Instagram Gained 7K Followers Every. Single. Week?

These secrets helped me organically grow my pages from scratch over and over again. Now, you can learn them too, in only 5 days!


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Dear Reader,

What would happen if all your posts flopped regardless of how much time or effort you put into them?

Would your growing agency still flourish in the absence of traffic?

Could you still sell your product? even when no one is aware of it?

Maybe you could hire a marketing company, but that's a pile of money that you may or may not have... Either way, is it worth the gamble?

The greatest issue with any growing business is its success hinges on publicity. Putting your product in full view of the market is something that should be easy, but instead, it’s like pulling a tooth.

You spend hours or even days sifting through your camera roll. Good captions take even longer to brainstorm. All of these, just to post the best, and when you've finally decided... You click that "post" option. Only to find silence and a handful of likes.

It’s Infuriating! And even a little disappointing.

Making a Name for Yourself or Your Business Can Be Tiring and Demanding...

Flexing your social muscles is no different from regular exercise. If you don't know what you're doing, you'll end up with nothing to show for your troubles.

There are so many challenging details when it comes to social media. Things like:

  • Poor post engagement

  • Little to no follower increases

  • Weak impressions leading to poor reach of your posts

It's demotivating to post when this is all you look forward to, but all because of a lack of knowledge, this whole cycle leads to more difficulty.

If you don't have the right tools this will never change.

We have all experienced these troubles.  Whether we are everyday Instagrammers or online business owners.


Even the greatest influencers know how it feels to go unheard... To watch as the clock ticks by and you're no closer to your goals!

It leaves you with a KNOT IN YOUR STOMACH.

And an uneasy feeling

You sit and check your activity tab, biting your nails and praying that all the work you put into your post paid off.

At the end of the day, you check again, only to see that you've gone another day with only a handful of likes.

It's a TERRIBLE feeling!

But where there's a will, there's a way.

  • You can learn to maximize your metrics

  • Get the publicity your business needs

  • ... and spend less time worrying about your social presence.


    The Miraculous System That Allows You to Boost Your Presence to Influencer Status!


    I'm Ezra St Juste, the Gospel Entrepreneur, founder of Giant Metrix, a digital marketing agency servicing clients in the USA, Europe, Australia and other parts of the globe in various niches.

    I was once in the same boat many of you are in. I was a business owner in a health & wellness niche who wanted higher sales and leads...

    But I didn't know how to create successful marketing. I was between a rock and a hard place. And hiring a professional agency would charge me $2,000+. All for basic account management that may not have brought in profits.

    I put in the work and realized something...

    If I wanted to increase my sales and clients by 2x or even 3x, I'd need more than 5 basic posts on my page per week.

    I couldn't rely on the hopes that anything less would work.

    I HAD to up my social media game.

    So, that's what I did.

    I read dozens of books, watched tons of videos, and spent hours on the Internet. I even spoke with the biggest influencers and agency owners around the world.

    I learned, step-by-step the secret to beating the Instagram algorithm. The secret weapon that's guaranteed to bring in $$$.

    Then I tried to apply it. With methods like:

    • automated likes

    • following and unfollowing

    • giveaways

    • buying followers and even buying likes.

    But, it all came back to square one because it only brought in dead followers who didn't spend a dime on my business.

    I went back to the drawing board. And it has since been my mission to use only clean and organic methods to achieve incredible results.

    I worked hard to find our secret method.

    The system that could create an active audience who are willing to pull their credit cards out and buy.

    Finally, after many tries, my team and I cracked the Instagram code. It is not only for growing our accounts but also for generating revenue from it over the years.

    Our secret “Instagram Organic Steroid Growth System” is now used for all our clients. And they have gotten POWERFUL RESULTS!

    I'm going to show you how I used the Growth System to shatter my follower ceiling...

    ... and boost my business's publicity to one that reached all over the world

    It's high time for you to...

    Take Control of Your Social Media Status... Through the Instagram Organic Steroid Growth System

    Over the course of 5 days I’ll help you discover the method behind building your own reliable marketing campaign.

    No More Worries Or Frustrations About Unrecognized Posts.

    Here's what you can expect from this second to none system:

  • Follower Management

    • Learn the secrets to gaining hundreds of followers weekly

    • See how to start an account from $0 and grow it to thousands of followers without paying another dime

  • Content Creation

    • Discover how to make content which is guaranteed to get good engagement

  • Hashtag Formula for Success

    • Learn the hashtag formula that no one else has, that is putting me before hundreds of thousand of users

  • Maximize Engagement

    • Get high engagement without wasting time with engagement groups

    • Manage your account with like a pro and never miss out on an opportunity to expand

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    If You’re Still Skeptical About Trusting the System… You Can at Least Trust my 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

    To those of you who grind day in and day out just to come up empty-handed!

    I know your pain and your frustration...

    I’m here to tell you it’s okay

    Whether you find my class useful or not, you’ll still leave with more knowledge than when you arrived.

    If after applying everything, you still have nothing to show for it…

    I will gladly give you your money back!

    This could be your page one week from now: Insert proofs.

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    • The Gospel Entrepreneur

      Ezra St. Juste